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Multidisciplinary and always on research process, french artist Auddie living in Berlin stopped in Paris to introduce his last brilliant opus « Haunted House ». Out on his challenging label F4 Disques, this new EP has been congratulated by cult records shop Hardwax, as « Excellent, swinging Techno & Electro bonus cut ». That’s to say Auddie brought a lot of Berlin spirit and groove in his electro-techno compositions, but not only… Coming from famous french hard-techno-do-it-yourself scene, Brieuc LeMeur has always been attracted to some kind of global aesthetic gesture, fascinated by dancers, rhythm and poetry. As concerning actors of the Beat Generation, his question could be : why wouldn’t we find the « It » nowadays, through electronic beats and words, somewhere between pop and improvisation ? For an answer, Brieuc proposes a writing platform on F4 Editions website, alternative to usual social networks, in order to offer these words, share mutual reinterpretations, make something happen behind screens that has to do with poetry, also sound, rhythm and shapes, in a quite rare work in progress, including time, which becomes some kind of rare commodity in virtual world…Listen to a very inspired and wild special live made by Auddie especially for us, as live has to be an authentic physical performance and experience according to him; and an interview describing his poetical intention, including his track « Arrivée-Départ », strange words-and-sound immersion into Berlin nightclubbing. April, 10, 2014, 10.30PM. On Ice FM / Paris Campus Radio.

Download Ice FM with Auddie

Auddie interview (in French)

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